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Pricing Packages

We offer a large assortment of open ballet training, including partnering, pointe, and certified progressive techniques classes, to provide our students with an appropriate breadth of quality ballet education.

2020-2021 Season Pricing

Season: The season is approximately 10 months. It mirrors the public education school year and runs from August through May. We have ”rolling” enrollment, which means we will allow participation as long as there is space. We hold special summer classes and camps that include a variety of accelerated learning/skill classes. The summer classes will vary based on student enrollment. Annual Administration Fee: (non-refundable) $35 for the first student and $25 per student for each additional family member.

Additional Charges

Private Coaching: Prices will range from $70-$100 per hour, depending on level requirements.
International Ballet Exam Fees: Price varies based on exam level: -Graded Examinations/ Class Award: $115 (Primary through Grade 5)
-Vocational Examinations: Student must complete the Intermediate exam before testing in advance levels $165 (Grade 6, Inter foundation and intermediate), *$260 (Advance foundation and above) Character Skirts: Our ballet program teaches character dancing as part of our curriculum. There is a fee of $70 due to all participating students without a current spin
Drop in rates: Average drop in rate is $18 per hourly class.

Program Level Tuition

Hours Per Week Season Total (AUG-MAY, Prorated) 1 $650 2 $1250 3 $1750 4 $2200 5 $2550 6 $2900 7 $3250 7.5+ (Unlimited) $3600
There is a $10 additional fee for every 15 minutes of class time after the initial 60 minutes.
Students participating in the RAD syllabus training are automatically enrolled into ballet examinations and are subject to exam fee upon registration.
Vocational Student Training Plan: These are students who wish to train at a more demanding level. These classes generally have minimum technical class requirements.
Vocational Ballet Training Program: Students training at Advanced Ballet Level are required to take a minimum of two RAD syllabus classes and exam. Minimum 4.5 hours.
BETA Pricing includes day/night classes. Please inquire

Additional Fees:

Annual Registration – $35
Ballet Exam: Varies $115-$260
Character Skirt: $70
Spring Show: $110 + $75 per
Non-Profit Foundation Contribution: _________

Performance Team

We have a performance team that currently has four levels, commonly referred to as PTL.
Each level has different levels of associated time/cost.
Community Team: Performances are limited primarily to the local community.
Group Competitive Team: Performances are mainly in local dance competitions.
Solo Competitive Level: Performs a solo/variation in addition to group piece.
Travel Team: Specific group of dancers that will travel and compete at national events.
Please see website or ask in-person for specific pricing break down.